Pricing guide

For a bit or all the day choose how much time do you want us to be with you !

1st Option

Photo shoot from preparation to cocktail

Vidéo shoot from preparation to cocktail

Speeches audio record

​Minimum of 500 photographies

Vidéo clip (around 10min)

"Web size" gallery on line

Wooden box with usb driver

€ 4100,00

2nd Option

€ 4500,00

Photo shoot from preparation to dance party

Vidéo shoot from preparation to dance party

Speeches audio record

​Minimum of 600 photographies

Vidéo clip (around 15min)

"Web size" gallery on line

Wooden box with usb driver

The little things

You want pictures for your save the date ? Pictures of you after the wedding ? Or just a couple shoot ?


You want friend or parents to have the same beautiful USB driver ?

Double plaisir

After the wedding you plan to have beach party, pool party or anything else. 

A little bit more






Shoort version of your film

( around 3min )

An online gallery that you can share to download high resolution pictures.



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